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View Diary: House GOP not returning to D.C. (182 comments)

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  •  Obama knew this - plays to his hand (5+ / 0-)

    Much of Obama's decision to fly back early is the optics - the political optics.  It makes him look (again) like the reasonable party, the adult in the room.  Does not matter if the House GOP returns or not.  Obama is laying out facts for all of the public, the MSM and political Washington (and Wall Street) to see.

    He and Sen Dems can put together a "small package" fix that the Senate Dems can vote on on December 31. House GOP then has to decide whether to accept the smaller package or go over the fiscal cliff.

    Sen Republicans will not filibuster this.  They will not be the cause of forcing the nation over the fiscal cliff.  [If they filibuster, their fingerprints are on it.]  They can permit a vote, vote against it - and let Boehner and the House GOP be the cause (or not) of forcing the nation over the cliff.  

    Senate Republicans are being really smart about this.

    •  Agreed. McTurtle's grand scheme to make Obama (1+ / 0-)
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      a one-term president failed miserably. He won't filibuster the patch bill. He's up for election, so he will refuse to be the obstacle to its passage. Politics 101 = get re-elected.

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