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View Diary: Sam Donaldson takes America back...from the Tea Baggers (77 comments)

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  •  It'll be interesting, in an awful sort of way, to (4+ / 0-)

    see how they manage that shift. They've been saying such nice things, for the most part, about Hillary Clinton since President Obama beat her in the primaries. I was a bit shocked at how they made that shift, as the same people spilled some incredible bile at her when she was First Lady. I had a RW boss in mid-late 90's who was convinced that she had personally played a role in Vince Foster's death. His charming wife (our secretary) used to take me aside to tell me that Mrs. Clinton was actually a lesbian just using Bill for power. It was the mean-spirited nature of the comments that bothered me most. I mean, why would you even think to bring up the First Lady's sexuality?   What could you expect, though, they sent three of their four kids to Bob Jones "University"?  That was a nasty office to work in.

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