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View Diary: Arizona AG wants to arm school principals (42 comments)

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  •  The two Americas by state (4+ / 0-)
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    We're totally dominated by the ALEC agenda in my blood red state, which is a description that I've used before, but the blood red becomes increasingly relevant.

    The guns have come up numerous times over the last few years.  Mostly it's been centered on college classrooms and preachers and churches and at least introduced into the propaganda in most professions and businesses.  A steady drumbeat of guns, guns, guns.  So it's no surprise that already bills are being proposed to arm entire teaching staffs and everyone else in the proximity of school work.  And I see from the news that most other states, since ALEC/NRA stooges or sell-outs are everywhere, but it's the traditional red states that are in the most danger, as with all the other blueprint legislation.

    I used to say, only half tonque-in-cheek, that I thought the invasions of Afghanistan, and especially the invasion of Iraq were a rightwing prototype for future plans for America, besides the oil and empire aspirations.

    Things are just indescribily bad in so many ways and on so many levels that even the full length books being written about the War on America don't begin to be able to encompass it all.  The latest atrocities and what led to them, how they will be addressed and how actions will affect the future are complicated and confused by every other problem that either hasn't been addressed honestly, swept under the rug, or tossed under whatever passing, speeding bus is available.

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