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View Diary: Thomas Sowell's Heartwarming Christmas Message: President Obama = Jim Jones; Voters=Jones' Followers (34 comments)

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  •  It's amazing that so many (5+ / 0-)

    conservatives take Sowell seriously.

    The whole Nativity thing is so typical of his thinking:  If you object to my trying to force my religion on you, then you're totalitarian.

    He might as well say war is peace and peace is war.  And he doesn't even see how Orwellian he is.

    •  It's not entirely surprising (2+ / 0-)
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      Upper West, raincrow

      After all, in the conservatives' world, if you say Happy Holidays, you're really a Communist.

      Romney-Ryan: America's Rollback Team

      by Christian Dem in NC on Wed Dec 26, 2012 at 04:09:49 PM PST

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    •  Conservatives seem to be trapped in echo chamber. (1+ / 0-)
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      It makes me wonder if Sowell is smoking the same weed as Huckabee.

      •  All you need to know about "intellectuals" of (4+ / 0-)

        the right is that sources with credentials as disparate as Hannity & O'Reilly, Will, D'Sousza, and Sowell all spew EXACTLY the same crap.  Also, I have yet to see one of them EVER change his or her mind when one of their contentions is disconfirmed by reality -- e.g., history, research evidence, etc.  Maybe I missed one here or there; but, if there are any cases of a righty intellectual admitting that his righty ideology was fallacious, they're pretty rare on the ground.  This is something that Krugman is always complaining about -- the failure of righty economists to, as Brad Delong calls it, mark their beliefs to market.  

              Oh, wait.  That does remind me of two examples: Judge Richard Posner,  of law & economics fame, admitted in his books on the bubble and crash that maybe Keynesian economics did have something to say for itself in a recession with effectively negative interest rates.  But then he's a jurist with some evident integrity who's been trained to have at least some respect for facts.  Then there was Alan Greenspan, who admitted after the crash that he was shocked, shocked that the derivatives market didn't turn out to be totally self-regulating because many people manipulated it dishonestly.  At the same time he also said that he had recently been disappointed to find out that the Tooth Fairy doesn't actually exist,  although he was still holding out hope that Santa Claus was real.  

        •  Oh those "leading intellectuals" of the right are (2+ / 0-)
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          Upper West, Calamity Jean

          purple cows to me
          You know the famous poem

          I never saw a Purple Cow,
          I never hope to see one,
          But I can tell you, anyhow,
          I'd rather see than be one!
          and so it is.
          We don't have to live inside their withered little hearts or minds or souls, don't have to see their faces when we look in the mirror

          Gee, hope that isn't rude or anything.

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