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  •  With you for the most part, think I disagree here (1+ / 0-)
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    I've been looking at the same statistics in your diary lately.

    Black or white, we would've moved on as a nation had this been a workplace shooting.  While you are absolutely correct about the MWWS effect and disproportionate value, I think we would've seen pretty close to equal coverage had this been a bunch of first graders in Oakland or East St. Louis.

    At least I'd like to think that.  

    Then again, I'm sure the news would find that one of the teachers went to school with gang members 14 years earlier so this had to be gang-related and we can now move on to our next story, a piano playing squirrel.

    Off the fiscal cliff to the waiting jagged slivers of impending fiscal impalement. Out of the fiscal minefield and into the boiling pools of toxic fiscal sludge. -- (taken from The Hyperbolic Chamber: A Republican Primer for Moronmongering)

    by Rich N Mdriems on Thu Dec 27, 2012 at 06:02:19 AM PST

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