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    First of all spree shooting is almost exclusively a by-product of white culture and the victims are overwhelmingly white, even though some spree shooters have exhibited famously racist attitudes and targeted on basis of race.

    Second, these kids were shot in their class room. I can't overemphasize that all parents, be they white, black, Asian, or what-have-you, feel an incredible sense of violation to think that the sanctity of the classroom where they send their kids 5 days a week can be so easily turned into a slaughterhouse.

    So the reaction is sensible and in no way a sign of racial division. That said, apathy toward gun violence in all its forms, including the horrible record of tragic inaction regarding guns in the black community is an ongoing blight, and deserves to be spoken of. I can't countenance, though, the antiseptic and clinical attitude the diary has here adopted given that the deaths of those uniquely vulnerable kids happened less than two weeks ago. Have a heart, will ya?

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