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  •  To answer your question... (4+ / 0-)
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    Once we begin labeling people whose speech we disagree with as "hate groups" and taking away their tax exempt status, where does it end?
    People labeling other people whose speech they disagree with as "hate groups" is nothing more than 1st Amendment expression, and should be of no concern.  As for their tax exempt status, it should not, and I'm pretty certain it will not, be revoked because of the content of their speech.  It may be revoked because they fail to satisfy the conditions laid out in section 501(c)(3) of the tax code and, if that is the case, it also should be of no concern.
    •  What has always confused the shit out of me with (0+ / 0-)

      this particular group:

      1. They get more press coverage than other groups that are not picketing funerals.

      2. The WBC disrupts the religious and rite of passage services of other Americans in a way that is cruel, and unnecessary--and somehow when people object--the objectors are enemies of the first amendment and not the people who use it as an excuse to invade private, intimate, painful ceremonies involving the deaths of loved ones and their funerary services.

      3.The WBC repeatedly shows up at the doorstep of churches and synagogues, protesting also, the acceptance of homosexuals in those places, once again under the believe that their hate speech trumps local community values, and the practice of acceptance and tolerance.

      4. The WBC consistently uses the deaths of loved ones as something to capitalize on, as a means to spread their message, even showing up or attempting to show up in Connecticut for the burial of children.

      Does this "Speech" that they are making serve a good purpose or any utilitarian purpose at all? Is it edifying? How does it involve the use of a deity or scripture other than to promote their one and only message, which I shall not repeat here.

      Allowing them to exist and have members without being harassed is proof enough that we respect their freedoms, but what I don't understand is why we put up with their bullshit which includes but is not limited to harassing other citizens with asinine messages that carry nothing but hate, and pain, and bitterness with the sole intent of inflicting upon people during a time of grief, when many themselves are in the midst of their own religious rituals.

      It seems to me we allow them too much freedom because they use it to trample the freedom of others. We also have the freedom from religion. They should keep their "freedom" in their church and leave others be.

      It isn't as if their protests are going to have any affect on legislation. They aren't even protesting legislators who write the laws. They are targeting citizens, punishing them for laws that the church cannot change because they are a tiny sliver of a minority with no intent of doing that. This entire thing is nothing but a scam and a publicity stunt and I am tired of equating it with some banned book or act of civil rights.

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