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  •  Hola, Effers! (16+ / 0-)

    So... my kids are snowed in in NE Ohio and are now planning on traveling here tomorrow. In addition, my daughter is just getting over a week-long cold ordeal and her husband came down with it on Christmas Day. He's feeling pretty awful right now. They didn't listen to me when I told them they should try mega doses (10,000 IU/day) of Vitamin D3 the minute they felt the cold coming on and for the next four or five days. Maybe they will give it a try next time. As for me, I'm dosing myself up starting first thing in the a.m. and will continue to do so as long as they are here. An ounce of prevention and all that.....

    Am about to get dressed and head out for a bit of shoppping. Need some new wrapping paper - I haven't celebrated Christmas yet - and a few last minute other odds and ends. I am hoping against hope that most people, like our dear Floja Roja, have gone back to work and the streets and shops won't be too crowded. Crowds annoy me something awful.

    A few snowflakes are falling lazily from the heavens. Not enough to worry about yet, anyway. It's 33 degrees and not expected to get much higher than that.

    Get your groove on and get all the joy you can out of this  What the heck day is it anyhow?

    Inspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you find it. --- Bob Dylan.

    by figbash on Thu Dec 27, 2012 at 08:20:15 AM PST

    •  You know, figgie, (8+ / 0-)

      eventually the stressed-out person, under continual assault from hordes of winter viruses, just cannot take enough vitamin D3 to ward it off. So says Earache Girl.

      But I hope you are not yet at that point and can avoid the plague your children are carrying. I am here to say that it is well worth hugging your infected loved ones at the holidays, even if you know damn well you will thereby catch what they have. It's only a cold. (Or in this case, maybe a cold with secondary ear infection -- dr. appointment tomorrow!)

      You are wise to hold off on Christmas until it is less crowded! Now you still have it to enjoy, and I hope you do!

    •  wasn't too crowded when I went this am (8+ / 0-)

      just the usual non-holiday crowds.

      Live your life. Take chances. Be crazy. Don't wait. Because right now is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll be ever again.-- some wise person on the Internets.

      by raina on Thu Dec 27, 2012 at 12:21:29 PM PST

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      •  Good evening, raina. (8+ / 0-)

        I was most pleasantly pleased. Easy driving, easy parking, and too easy shopping even though I was thwarted in my search for Christmas left-overs. The only store I went to that wasn't already into Valentine's Day already was Walgreens.

        Even the light snow showers were okay. By the time they reached the ground they were more rain than snow. I even had fun chasing a pigeon around the Target parking lot. I am no fan of these birds but there was one that had the loveliest coloration. Dark grey and white... really unusual.

        So there I was with my shopping cart left in front of my unopened trunk trying to take a picture of the damn bird. I freaked out several people: one guy parked next to me was worried about what he might be about to run over and when I turned around a lady was about to take my cart back into the store as she thought it had been abandoned! Oh, noes!....

        Heh. Life's always an adventure for me. Hope yours is, too!

        Inspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you find it. --- Bob Dylan.

        by figbash on Thu Dec 27, 2012 at 04:06:06 PM PST

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