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    I had been doing custom t-shirts for all the members of our large family, who were all very outdoorsy people, which said, with appropriate cute designs "happy camper", so that they could be worn on family vacations together.  I had been packaging them in the boxes that we were getting premade hamburger patties in, because they were the right size and, well, free.

    My nine year old Eldest, upon opening his present and seeing the box, familiar over the last year to everyone present, said, "Oh, Boy! MEAT PATTIES! Just what I wanted!"

    Much hilarity ensued. He did like the T-shirt, but was a little disappointed that it wasn't hamburgers. He is still remarkably easy to give presents to.

    When you come to find how essential the comfort of a well-kept home is to the bodily strength and good conditions, to a sound mind and spirit, and useful days, you will reverence the good housekeeper as I do above artist or poet, beauty or genius.

    by Alexandra Lynch on Thu Dec 27, 2012 at 08:42:06 PM PST

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