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View Diary: Why Do Fundy Christians Love the Rich and Hate the Poor? (324 comments)

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  •  That is just not true (11+ / 0-)

    Our Jewish contributor can help here, but the Priests and the Scribes were part of the government.  People had to pay taxes to them as well as to the Romans.  The Jewish religious/government was supposed to assist the poor.  Thus the old woman who gave her last coin to the temple's poor box.

    The quote I used says that citizens are supposed to follow the laws.  It doesn't say anything about what Caesar does with it. If Caesar had chosen to take care of the poor, then that would have been the law and should be followed.  He never says that the poor is strictly for "God's realm".  And again, the tradition of the time was, yes, a part of the government was supposed to assist the poor.

    The reason RW Christians argue against helping the poor via the government is because they want to use charity as a club to hold over peoples heads. "If you don't belong to our church we won't help you in your hour of need."

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