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View Diary: Why Do Fundy Christians Love the Rich and Hate the Poor? (324 comments)

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  •  Palagianism (2+ / 0-)
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    Sarea, hayden

    Palagianism, at its root, holds the belief that we humans are fundamentally good.  

    It's my opinion this is why people think they will get good things by being "the right kind of person".  It's at the root of the "gospel" of wealth and health, that those who are blessed must have deserved it, and those who are poor must have deserved it.

    When the Christian community adopts this belief system, things go very astray indeed.

    It's not until we realize how flawed we really are that we can show true mercy to those around us.  Because otherwise, all we're trying to show is how righteous we are.

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