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View Diary: Why Do Fundy Christians Love the Rich and Hate the Poor? (324 comments)

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    The Christian Right has a sort of personality disorder.  They are not in love with people that much. Rather, they love power.  They see Christianity as a power play where God is the ultimate power so they love God because he is powerful.  Similarly, they love rich people because they are powerful and they hate poor people because they have no power.  Love for  the poor gets psychotranslated into pity.  They focus on the prosperous multiply parts of the Bible and are to blind to or misinterpret most of the new testament teachings about love and focus on the powers that Jesus displayed.  They'll talk ad naseum about his miracles but never admit he washed the feet of women and children.  

    it all gets translated into business prosperity where business is usually the power of personal relationships through the church.

    •  And if there is a god, how galling that must be. (0+ / 0-)

      "They see Christianity as a power play where God is the ultimate power so they love God because he is powerful."

      I think any god who is willing to be worshiped only because people love how much he can beat up the next guy is not worth worshiping. I also think that any god that is supposedly all-loving and all-knowing would see right through anyone who either a) professed belief in it because they love power or b) professed belief in it because they were scared not to.

      Either way, it's dishonest. I've met too many supposedly "faithful" religious people who believe that without their religion they would turn into ax murderers. I can't fathom it. You need some all-powerful being to be afraid of in order to be good? That's really, really pathetic and speaks volumes to your own self-control (or lack thereof).

      "Compassion is not weakness, and concern for the unfortunate is not socialism." - Hubert Humphrey

      by Killer of Sacred Cows on Fri Dec 28, 2012 at 10:58:47 AM PST

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