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View Diary: Is Matt Drudge Calling for CIVIL WAR??? (113 comments)

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  •  Ours goes to 11 (11+ / 0-)

    Anyone who has watched the satire Spinal Tap remembers this phrase.   I think they were discussing the amplifier.  It had the same power as another amplifier, but the band member bragged about how the dial on his amplifier goes to 11, so it was obviously better.   It is a phrase that exemplifies our culture of greed, of believing that bigger is better, that 11 is somehow better than 10.

    When all of our society worships the biggest and the best, it is no surprise that gun enthusiasts want the biggest and the best.  They want their guns to go to 11.  They don't want a fixed clip with ten rounds, because they want their gun to go to 11.   They may not even be thinking of killing people.  It's just that, if they want a gun, they want the BEST gun and the BIGGEST gun and the MOST bullets.

    And the shooters?   They want their killing spree to be the biggest and the best shooting spree that anyone has every seen, so they buy their bullets in packs of thousands, because more is better.

    Now, how do we look at our schools?   We want the BEST schools, of course.   Any old school won't do.  It must be The Best.   We must test them and compare them and fire the teachers if they aren't The Best.

    Do we see what we are doing?   We are inculcating our children with dissatisfaction from the moment they are old enough to understand what we are saying.    Instead of the old depression era mentality of "We'll make it work", we are "demanding greatness".   So, we have the greatest school shooters with the very best guns of all times.   Bully for us!!!


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