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  •  I think it is STUPID to oppose armed guards... (0+ / 0-)

    in schools. Also stupid to pick on Luke Russert, this is not about him.

    Already there are armed guards in many schools. It would not help much to have more armed guards, but it would not hurt that much either. This is not an argument we can win. When something bad happens, who do you call? AN ARMED POLICEMAN.



    •  Pre-emptive surrender, eh? (2+ / 0-)
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      Lilith, am

      You've learned much from the worst of Democratic leadership.

      Is it truly that we "can't win" this argument or that you don't want us to win this argument?

      Fact.  More guns anywhere equals more gun deaths in that place.  There's a very direct and provable cause and effect.  More guns in America has proven to mean more gun deaths in America.  More guns in Texas has proven to equal more gun deaths in Texas.  More guns in peoples' homes has proven to mean more gun deaths in homes.  And putting more guns in schools will inexobably lead to more gun deaths in schools.

      It's also worth noting, genius, that they aren't talking about putting policemen in the classrooms.  They're talking and legislating to arm the teachers and administrators and allowing armed "volunteers" to patrol our schools.  Even in cities where they have decided to put police in the schools, how long before the budget is cut and those police are replaced with "volunteers"?

      Man, Wayne LaPierre had us figured out pretty well.  With dead children still unburried, LaPierre stands over their bodies (figuratively) and, with a straight face, says the answer is more guns.  Arm the teachers!  Hell, arm the 6 year olds!  Yeah, that'll do it.  The media was horrified and incredulous at such tone-deafness.  For a day.  By Saturday, the "fair and unbalanced crowd" was arguing whether it was a reasonable policy.  By Sunday, the rest of the media were arguing whether it was an effective policy.  By Monday, legislators in a dozen red states were pushing to adopt the policy.  By Tuesday, it was a treated as a legitimate "debate" with two opposite and equal sides.  And just a week after LaPierre's tone-deaf remarks, there are voices on the left declaring that "this is not an argument we can win" this fight and its "stupid" to try.

      Just yesterday, three police officers were shot in their precinct.  Maybe its time we armed the police.  Oh wait...

      More guns anywhere equals more gun deaths in that place.  It's a fact.  There were armed guards at Colombine and they didn't stop a damn thing.  They just got dead.  Maybe you're OK with more dead bodies in our schools.  I'm not.  Even if it were true that "we can't win" this fight (which I don't for one second accept), that would not make the fight for what is right "stupid".

      Let me ask you:  in ten years when it has been statistically proven that more guns in schools has in fact led to more dead bodies in schools, will the fight to keep the guns out of schools be "stupid" then?  History certainly suggests that, by then, it will be too late...not just for the dead 6 year olds, but too late to kill the policy as well.

      Fact.  Pre-emptive surrender by Democratic politicians has never led to a Democratic policy victory of any kind.  And pre-emptive surrender by Democratic voters did not lead to more Democratic victories in the 2010 mid-terms.  But maybe you're right.  Maybe, instead of fighting for more and better Democrats, the answer is in electing more Tea Party jihadists.  Then we can all sleep safer, right?  Because the answer to stupidity is even more stupidity?  And, anyway, we can't win and it's "stupid" to try.

      "Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has and it never will."—Frederick Douglass

      by costello7 on Fri Dec 28, 2012 at 09:36:57 AM PST

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