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  •  I'm a Pragmatist in about everything (14+ / 0-)

    Even about the 2d amendment. I don't believe its an act of God, I don't believe its sacred, I don't believe its very good for America.
    But I believe its there. And while its there, as it is, I might as well avail myself of it. So the choice is to either  own guns or not.  And, seeing as how its legal, and to ignore them cedes all guns in this country to conservatives, I own some.
    Guns aren't very PC in  this crowd. I grew up with them, in the BOy Scouts and from my dad. I never wanted to carry ione when I was a kid, people just didn't do that. All this I MUST CARRY A GUN stuff just came up the last few decades.
    But like I say, if everyone else can have one, I want one too. Or two or three. (I collect WWI Bolt action rifles)  The chances of my wife using a gun on me I think is zero---I studied this matter carefully before marrying here-- along with the idea of either of us committing suicide.

    A pragmatist that will acept some regulation.
    There already is regulation where I live, so Ive already accepted it. In order to buy a gun they called my name in, don't really know to who, but they were OK with it, and why not? I have a spotless police record ( I am very good at what I do) and a deputy sherriff anf the fire chief for the necessary two references for my CCW.

    I didn't carry a gun for most of my life and felt OK about it. When I felt I needed one I carried one, legal or not. (Its easier to get out of jail than out of a graveyard, espcially in CA)  So now I have a permit. Te first few days I was all Secret Agent about it, scanning the horizon for enemies. After a few days I rememebred why Inever carried one---its  a heavy piece of junk I'll probably never use. So I just carry it in my car when I feel I need it. If I had been in the Clackamas mall, I would have been unarmed.

    Being a combat vet sets me apart in gun usage---Ive used them ON someone, many times. Know that will get me frowned at here but its true. (its what they paid me that phat $65/mo to do)   Its irritating to me when people who have only read about it lecture to me what killings all about  and what it does to you. They could take my correspondence course.

    Gun control is the hot topic now but I'm pragmatic (cynical?) enough to know that our government is going to fail anyone who thinks there will be adequate gun control legislation soon. Its not going to happen. That would have to entail leadership and even with the Sandy hook, tragedy, there's still no leadership visible anywhere on this, except from Wayne Lapierre.
    These stupid SOBs--and I'm including from Obama on down--can't even make tbeir own self imposed deadline. Does anyone REALLY think theyre going to do somethig groundbreaking? besides grave digging?
    I read all this righteousness but do they know who theyre asking to accomplish something? Hows that working so far?

    I live in one of the safest states, our overall murder rate is .2 away from Canada's (They must kill a lot of people with knives there) Our gun murder rate is 1/4 of NY's, 1/3d of CAs.
    I sleep the sleep of The  Pragmatist: I'll be ready to handle anything that comes down the pike.

    Happy just to be alive

    by exlrrp on Thu Dec 27, 2012 at 04:12:03 PM PST

    •  This is my suggestion (0+ / 0-)

      Let the ATF maintain a national computerized gun
      Eliminate gun shows and private sales.
      Ammo could only be purchased by registered gun owners in limited amounts.
      Guns would need to be registered every 3 years.
      Guns would need liability insurance, training certificate and proof of safe storage to be registered.
      Ban on military grade weapons and ammo.
      Max clip size - 10 rounds.

      RTKRC - Right to keep and raise children. Trumps RTKBA - Right to keep & bear arms.

      by hideinplainsight on Fri Dec 28, 2012 at 07:13:43 AM PST

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