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  •  I answered "pro-gun pragmatist." (6+ / 0-)

    Because I consider my gun to be a necessity where I live, but I can surely see good reasons to restrict them in high density areas of the country. And I don't think any civilian needs more than 6-7 shots with a semi-automatic handgun or rifle, so restricting magazine capacity is a no-brainer. Do it.

    I figure if you're plotting insurgency/revolution you aren't going to pay any attention to gun laws beyond how to get around them. I am not willing to surrender my rights in some ridiculously futile effort to make laws criminals can't evade. Those of us who do care what the laws are (and don't wish to evade them) don't want to see the second amendment repealed, but I'm pretty sure that if it were repealed I'd still legally have a gun due to specific circumstances of my life and living arrangements.

    So I'm not worried either way, having serious discussions about what to do to stop horrors like Sandy Hook, et al. is a good thing. I'd like to see more acknowledgement of the fact that some people do have a need for defensive weapons, but I know this is a website for leftists - absolutists among us, rendering discussion moot. You'll have this.

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