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View Diary: MD County Clerk reassigns deputies so they won't have to marry gay couples (258 comments)

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  •  I have mixed feelings about this (9+ / 0-)

    And I am willing to admit that I left them out of the initial diary in order to make a point.

    I do have concerns however. Once again I have no idea how things stand in Maryland, and in particular how they stand in Saint Mary's County. But most local governments are not exactly overflowing with funds or with the ability to hire new staff. So I presume that the county's staff is finite in size. At some point there is going to occur a situation where NOBODY is willing to marry a given couple because EVERYONE is busy performing other duties.  And when that happens there is going to be a stink, which will result in complaints to the Secretary of State and/or the state Attorney General's office.

    It comes down to this: either we have equality or we do not.

    •  If and when that happens (4+ / 0-)

      then under the law, allowing people who have a religious belief that prohibits them from performing certain marriages to have duties that do not include marriages of ANY kind is probably no longer a "reasonable accommodation." Whether the people who come into the office seeking to be married can be served without disruption is one of the considerations in determining whether the accommodation is a "reasonable" one.

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