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View Diary: They're Coming To Take Them Away, Hey, Hey.... They're Coming To Take Them Away.... (75 comments)

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  •  The scenario's garbage no matter (3+ / 0-)
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    how you do the numbers... which here is downright laughable.

    They'd never risk themselves going door to door, they'd just pass laws criminalizing citizens for owning guns - make them criminals by decree, with a grace period for the people to drop off their own guns at the collection centers (or swear under oath they have no guns) in order to have their bank accounts unfrozen. Not that many people would starve in a few weeks, and the banksters could make out like bandits by drawing interest on the nation's seized money supply even if it only lasted for one week! Win-win for the power structure.

    I do admit this is the first time I EVER saw a diarist go all Godwin on his own argument in the very first paragraph, though. Unfortunately, the diarist apparently doesn't know that Hitler disarmed the populace by fiat decree (sort of like an executive order, preceded by declaration of national emergency/crisis), thereby avoiding issues of legality.

    But who would bother being factual about something with so much emotion behind it, when simple milking grabs the quickest mojo...

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