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View Diary: They're Coming To Take Them Away, Hey, Hey.... They're Coming To Take Them Away.... (75 comments)

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  •  if you lived in my neighborhood.... (0+ / 0-)

    or anywhere near my granddaughter's school (she's the same age as the kids that were killed in Newtown) and my neighbors would be asking you some hard do you need all that firepower for? keeping that stuff locked up?...and who else has access to all that firepower?....who else is living in the house with you?...Teenagers....anyone with a substance abuse problem....anybody mentally ill?

    sorry if I seem "nosy" or "intrusive" to you...but after what happened in Newtown...I have a RIGHT to ask you these questions...not only a RIGHT...but an OBLIGATION on behalf of my neighbors, my granddaughter, and her classmates....I will not hang my grandaughter's safety on some thin reed that you are "responsible" or "law-abiding"....hey....everyone of these mass shooters was "law-abiding" up until the moment they pumped that first round into another human being.

    According to everthing I've read about Nancy Lanza...the only reason she kept all that lethal firepower laying around her house was...."she loved her guns".....well...there are 20 sets of parents in Newtown that loved their children too.  Perhaps if somebody had taken it upon themselves to be a little "nosy" or "intrusive" and ask some commonsense questions of her...we could have possibly averted this horrific tragedy.

    sorry..but I believe in the 2nd move into my're at least gonna be "well-regulated"

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