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  •  I'm not convinced by this argument. (0+ / 0-)

    I'm not a Hagel supporter, but I'm not convinced by what I read here either.

    I would be convinced by the simple argument that a D pres should seed to find the best possible SoD who is also a D.  That I would find to be a simple, defensible, winnable argument.

    But, as much as I wish that the SoD were a pacifist such as myself, I don't expect to see an anti-war activist nominated for the position.  

    That's why I'm less persuaded that Sen. Hagel's past civil rights record should be the deciding factor.

    I'd rather see someone with a flawed domestic civil rights record and a nuanced perspective with respect to - for example - Iran and Israel - in the role, than somebody who meets my liberal, domestic criteria but is ham-fisted and reactionary in the foreign-policy realm.

    To conclude as I opened, I'm not a Hagel supporter, but I'm not convinced by the arguments presented here either.

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