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View Diary: PPP found wide majority in favor of banning assault weapons, Gallup a majority against—what gives? (352 comments)

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    There seems to be many gun owners who feel they have a lock on gun control logic. Unfortunately for them, what they have are dangerously illogical talking points.
    The talking point we hear most often is, “more guns in the hands of more people will make the country safer.” If that is the case, would more nukes in the arsenals of more countries make the world safer?
    Much of the “free” world almost ceased to exist with only two superpowers in possession of nukes due to close calls during the height of the cold war. To this day we seek to keep nukes and other WMD’s out of the control of rogue nations and other groups of fanatics due to the almost certain carnage that would ensue if any old entity were allowed to posses such weapons.
    Given the danger of that scale of weapons proliferation, how could arming every person with AR-15’s or equivalent be the answer?

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