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View Diary: Is US policy on Syria sane? (19 comments)

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  •  Why don't you care (0+ / 0-)

    about the massacres and other egregious human rights abuses committed by Your Brave Freedom Fighters?

    •  That's not really an answer (0+ / 0-)

      Care to try again?

      •  There are no right answers (1+ / 0-)
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        Andrew F Cockburn

        to wrong questions.

        Perhaps you could tell all of us why we should engage on the Al Qaeda side of the Syrian "civil war."

        •  You said (0+ / 0-)

          You didn't give three shits in hell about human rights there.  I'm asking why.  You seem embarassed about it now.

          •  Liar. Or illiterate. Take your pick. (2+ / 0-)
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            mickT, angry marmot

            What I said was

            It's pretty clear that the only reason we care about Syria is because its current government is closely allied with Iran.  Otherwise we wouldn't give three s*its in Hell about its human rights record.
            Which is, of course, true.  We don't give three s*its in Hell about Saudi Arabia's human rights record, for instance. Why?  Because Saudi Arabia serves our geopolitical interests.

            I didn't say anything about whether I as an RL person care about Syria's human rights record; if you can find evidence to the contrary, please post it, or consider yourself an HOS troll.

            •  Obviously you're illiterate (0+ / 0-)

              If you're using "we" to refer to someone other than yourself.  And oh, you've incorrectly assumed I'm a fervent supporter of the rebels, which makes you the liar as well.

              So if by "we" you mean someone else, then the question is who are you referring to?  And no, " the government" is not an acceptable response.  Get some names.

              •  "We" means "the USA" (1+ / 0-)
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                as in "we're a NATO member" or "Israel is our ally."

                Honestly, if you haven't mastered that much, why are you here?

                •  As expected (0+ / 0-)

                  No answer to that question.

                  Look, you can ascribe a fact to a country, as in Our flag has 50 stars.  You can't ascribe an opinion, that's just moronic.  This was in fact my point from the very beginning, but you've been incredibly slow to pick up on it.

                  Policies are made by people, not countries.  If you want to challenge the motives of a policy, you'd better be ready to list those responsible and come up with some actual evidence, not a moronic whine.

                  •  umm, no . . . (0+ / 0-)
                    You can't ascribe an opinion, that's just moronic
                    . . . it's called policy.
                    Policies are made by people, not countries.
                    And yet those become the policies of the countries!  So, yes, official American policy is our policy.  

                    Look, you can tie yourself up in knots inventing your own hermetically sealed idiolect in some weird attempt to justify siding with Al Qaeda and the jihadists in Syria, but you're doing a piss-poor job of it.

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