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  •  The difference with soldiers (2+ / 0-)
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    PSzymeczek, jimstaro

    is that they train extensively to do that. A good example is responding to an ambush: troops are trained how to respond immediately to an ambush without having to wait for someone to analyze the situation and issue orders.

    It's one of the reasons why parade drill is still used extensively. From an outside perspective, spending time on teaching soldiers how to move in formations that were designed for musket warfare seems absurd, but the practical reason for doing it is to get troops into the mindset of how to instantly respond to an order with a practiced set of movements.

    (It's also why sailors and air forces tend to be slackasses at parade drill, with members of air forces generally considered the slackest  - the types of combat they engage in doesn't depend on having groups needing to instantly respond to orders in the same way.)

    •  yep but that muscle memory is what is (0+ / 0-)

      operational for them; they don't have to think to react while a civilian confronted with an ambiguous situation has to do a "double take" before acting

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