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    Both Apple Maps and Google Maps suck in China so I use Baidu Maps which is better here in every respect except it's a Chinese Language only app so useless for ferners.

    Apple Maps:

    Con: Loads slowly, GPS tracking slow and notchy, no detailed transit information, limited augmented reality information.

    Pro: Vector map quality is great, 3D vector mapping reasonably complete, turn by turn accurate.

    Works better in Hong Kong where there is excellent 3G & LTE service.

    Google Maps:

    Con: Loads slowest, GPS tracking slow and notchy, GPS tracking sometimes in error (location lost or far off), no detailed transit information, limited and outdated augmented reality information, turn by turn not available, traffic data very limited.

    Pro: Vector map quality is great, 3D vector mapping is good (when it finally loads).

    Also works better with faster 3G/LTE.

    Baidu Maps:

    Con: Chinese language only. Coverage for non-Chinese countries very poor (useless).

    Pro: Loads fast even with EDGE/GSM connection, GSM tracking excellent (almost real time even with EDGE connection, Vector map quality is great, 3D vector mapping complete and up to date, detailed transit information for all mass transit,  traffic information comprehensive, turn by turn accurate, augmented reality comprehensive (do Google/Apple have KTV club category? NO?), neat features such as compass cursor and pull down menus.

    IOW, Baidu does for China what Google Maps does for the USA, which is not surprising since Baidu is the dominant search engine here and also has much faster servers.

    Google and Apple obviously suffer on server speed and Google's worst in class performance I would attribute to them bailing on China and re-routing traffic through Hong Kong. In both cases, loading is so slow that it makes GPS functions nearly useless unless you are walking- that slow.

    The older version of Apple Maps worked reasonably well in China but had scant augmented reality data. If they can improve the servers and wireless integration, it would be a big improvement because the functions available work well if too slowly loading.

    Google is unlikely to improve much, but I use it when traveling outside China.

    I think Apple Maps will improve with age and eventually provide a platform for integration of many map driven features (particularly geo-fencing) integrating with other apps, but this probably would take at least a couple of years to get up to Google's level because the database is massive.

    BTW, iPad mini is a huge hit in China. Sold Out. I went to the Apple Store just before Christmas to have a look and there were demos but purchases were already wait-listed.

    What about my Daughter's future?

    by koNko on Sat Dec 29, 2012 at 10:40:54 PM PST

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