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    As I point out here the main reason we have a fiscal crisis is because we've had truly poor economic policy from Congress for the last few decades.

    In a rational world, the discussion would be about how to improve wages and increase the number of people working....

    What I want is simple:

    (1) Let all the tax cuts expire.
    (2) Extend and enhance unemployment compensation.
    (3) Cut the military spending by at least $35 billion per year each year for ten years.
    (4) Eliminate the trade deficit.
    The primary reason we have a federal deficit is because we cut taxes. The primary way to eliminate it is to eliminate those tax cuts. Taxes are not too high. Incomes are too low. If you are having problems paying your taxes then your income isn't high enough.

    We could get about a half-trillion dollars each year for our economy by eliminating the three big money-wasters:

    (1) Drug prohibition
    (2) For-profit health insurance
    (3) Overspending on the military
    There's a simple reason I keep talking about this. The thinking in the capital has no relationship whatsoever with fixing the problems. Until people see where we need to go there is no hope of getting there.

    Pass the word.

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