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View Diary: The Press Erupts When Facebook Changes a Privacy Setting. When Congress Reauthorizes FISA, Crickets. (97 comments)

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  •  The contrast... (9+ / 0-)

    With the Facebook story is interesting.  On the one hand, everyone has experience with Facebook.  However, the types of things that people fear - Facebook will steal the picture of my children/night at the bar/whatever and get rich publishing it! - is mostly imaginary.  People mostly seem to have an emotional response to the very notion that their privacy is not being respected by someone they trust.

    Meanwhile, the government actually has a long history of spying on its citizens.  We just had the whole David Petraeus incident, which was kicked off when the FBI started snooping through private e-mail as a favor.  Looking at the emotional response to Facebook, I think this presents two questions.  Do people think that FISA still respects their privacy, because they discount the chance that it will happen to them?  Or have people just given up on trusting the government to respect their privacy, and so no one is shocked or surprised?

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