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View Diary: A sure sign Dems have the upper hand in filibuster reform: a bipartisan 'compromise' to take it away (84 comments)

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    There really ought to be some kind of pidgin translator for what goes on in the Senate. Bumblederblanderbish.

    Above and beyond that very important goal, they genuinely believe that Senators ought to vote directly on the adoption (or continuation) of their rules with some regularity, rather than simply assuming that they continue in force from one Congress to the next, as Rule V purports to be the case. Those Senators are not likely to be enamored of a compromise that drops this important aspect of rules reform.
    Is this saying that each new Senate would have to vote on, by simple majority on day one, their entire rules?

    Isn't that a biannual nuclear option?

    And, Bumblederblanderbish

    And if you're a believer in the finite nature of that special window of opportunity that the logic of the constitutional option is said to establish at the beginning of a new Congress, then you can't afford to take any risk at all that any of the steps toward adoption of the standing order could be disrupted by a filibuster, lest the window be deemed closed by the very act of acknowledging the continuing force of Rule XXII, the cloture rule.

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