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View Diary: A sure sign Dems have the upper hand in filibuster reform: a bipartisan 'compromise' to take it away (84 comments)

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    When it is all said and done, it's all the fault of the president and the Democratic leaders in Congress. What matters more? Doing what's right and leaving a legacy, or seeking compromise and bipartisanship at dire costs?

    I'm not saying that they should ignore the voice of the minority. But the majority of the people agree with Democratic leaders and the President, the majority of economist agree with Democrats and the President, the majority of scientists agree with Democrats and the President, the majo... you get the point. Somehow though, all I'm hearing is how these gentlemen love to leave their legacies (and the change they promised), up to "handshake agreements", compromise (even when they know it's wrong), and the likes.

    So as it relates to the Filibuster, Democratic leaders should worry about pushing forward, and putting rules that they could live with if they were the minority. How hard is that? Let's get going.  If we are wrong, let it be: we have the majority agreeing with us. Plus there is nothing wrong that this congress can do, that can't be undone if it's that bad. So why are we wasting so much time? How would the senate be if Pelosi was the leader.

    To me, Democratic leaders (including the President) have the power and the means to change all of these Senate games. Because of that, they deserve every credit and every blame that will come when these years wrap up.

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