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View Diary: President Obama calls on Congress to protect tax cuts for the middle class (70 comments)

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    Since nothing is voted on in the House without the Speaker's permission (that's the way it works), Boehner has to be satisfied with whatever the Senate passes; if he isn't, he doesn't put it up for a vote and --

    NOTHING HAPPENS, and we go off the cliff.

    There is no way that the Senate will come up with anything that Boehner likes.  Why?  Because Boehner is now totally hogtied by the Tea Party Republicans, whom he needs to retain his Speakership.  Since Boehner doesn't want to risk losing his Speakership, it's a Catch 22, we're stuck, and nothing gets done.


    So let me again draw your attention to my petition on calling on both Pelosi and Boehner to withdraw their candidacies for Speaker on January 3rd.  That petition is located at .  It is time for a bipartisan Speaker.  

    And I'm asking all of you, in fact I'm pleading with all of you, to please sign this petition, and let's break the gridlock that's threatening to derail the first two years of President Obama's second term.

    We know that Pelosi doesn't have a majority in the House.

    And it became clear last week that Boehner doesn't have a working majority either.

    It's time for both of them to step aside and give a bipartisan coalition a chance to do the job.

    Representatives Simpson (R-ID) and Shuler (D-NC) report that a letter they wrote, which concedes major points to both sides, now has the signature of forty representatives apiece from both parties, though they have not yet released the names.  Whether these eighty people could form the nucleus of a bipartisan coalition or not, the bottom line is that centrists have not been given a chance to step into the leadership vacuum and try their hand at solving this situation.  And in the wake of two years of gridlock, gridlock that's threatening to last another two years if recent events are any indication, it's become apparent that the current leadership structure in the House has become a millstone around President Obama's neck.

    If we want the president's second term to be a success then we must try something different, something new, something out of the box.

    Speaker Boehner, Leader Pelosi, I'm calling on both of you to step aside from the election for Speaker on the 3rd of next month for the good of the country.  It's time, in fact it's overdue, to give someone else a chance.

    The American people spoke plainly in the election:  they re-elected President Obama, they added to the Senate's Democratic majority, and they took seats away from the Republicans in the House.  What is it about "House, you're doing a bad job" do you not understand?

    Thank you for your attention, your support and your signature!

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