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  •  I agree. But I try to remind myself (1+ / 0-)
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    That every scenario is different and next time the President may have a different view.

    For example, 'The last time, being the first time the House refused to raise the debt ceiling, the consequences of the House's inaction were only speculative.  Now that I know what can result from the House's failure to raise our debt ceiling, as President i cannot allow this to happen again.  If Congress again threatens to violate their oath to uphold the constitution by threatening the credit of America, my oath will ensure that that never happens.  I cannot, must not, will not let that happen.  

    I have put procedures into place which will guarantee that all debts, contracts and financial obligations incurred by the US of America will be paid, honored and fulfilled without hesitation.

    These procedures will automatically be triggered when certain thresholds have been crossed.

    While I'm the President, Americans will not suffer from such recklessness or the threat of such recklessness again.

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