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    Oh, and also: what if the terrorist knows where the ticking time bomb is? Can we torture him then, huh, huh, can we can we huh?
    You just compared purchasing a gun to torture. Think about that for a moment...
    Like I said, if you're in a hurry to buy a gun, you've got a bigger problem than being in a hurry to buy a gun. This remark by you is a full-on exhibition of the fantasy that each of us can reasonably claim full responsibility for application of deadly force in pursuit of our own personal safety.
    Not all of us, but the vast, vast majority of us. And it's a pursuit that very rarely results in harm.
    You think it's perfectly reasonable for a frightened woman with no weapons training, never mind tactical security training, to bring home a gun under the illusory impression that doing so makes her safer. It's a fantasy, dude, and the fact that you entertain it tells me that, in fact, you are not nearly as careful, stable and responsible as you think you are. Comment by comment, your arrogant self-assurance with respect to your capabilities and capacities reveals that you are precisely the sort of person I do not want to be keeping and bearing arms.
    I think the woman should obtain training as soon as possible, but yes, I think that the prospect of staring down an armed woman would give a girlfriend-beater some pause. The use of the weapon is often not necessary, as you can deter a cowardly attacker through  it's mere presentation- which is the ideal way to resolve an issue where a gun is needed.

    As to my confidence with firearms, I'm a veteran. I've fired literally thousands of rounds in training, and I have carried concealed overseas during deployments. I have had to deescalate a situation where two parties were armed and angry at one another. I know what I'm doing. You seem to think that knowing what you're doing isn't possible, and I find it ironic you think cops and troopers should have guns then...

    "Until you can show that I am a potential danger ..." (Emphasis mine).

    Right there, you contradict your "not a zero-sum game" statement. You've made it clear. False positives are worse than false negatives, and you're willing to sacrifice any number of your fellow-citizens to that principle.

    Who said anything about sacrificing others to a principle? I said that until I was shown to be unfit to hold a weapon, I should be allowed to do so. It is incumbent upon others (to include the government) to evaluate the individual's fitness, and not merely ban possession based upon the unfitness of the few. Determining what fitness is I am up for debating, but we have the capability to do so, and so long as that is the case I will not accept your ignorance of my abilities as a reason to disarm.

    I was saying that you should not paint with a broad brush, especially when you're using the wrong color.  

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