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View Diary: It Wasn’t Nice To Drown A Lady! (Revisiting The Glen Canyon-Lake Powell Rigamarole, Part IV) (8 comments)

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    thank you for this. My good friend, Joe, tells me the same thing. But it's time to move on and I didn't want to drag this tome out to 5 parts; however, tomorrow's "treat" may be a welcomed break from the usual diatribe approach in telling this now fabled story (a special tour of Glen Canyon when SHE was a real canyon and not subjected to an artificial status by way of Lake Powell). Ed Abbey! Now there was a character. I heard him speak twice and each time he was his typical recalcitrant and outspoken self. Quite a few students I've hiked with in the past knew him and all of their stories, if only I could call them, might do for a special diary posting one of these days. We'll see. Marc Reisner was indeed a true gentlemen and scholar; his "Cadillac Desert" tome is probably one of the few books I have ever researched and got so pissed off I was ready to. . .well, I'm not going to admit such in public. Anyway, he and spoke on the phone twice, when I was doing research for another tome on the Southwest. And here I never knew he was moribund at the time (pancreatic cancer). Anyway, thank YOU so very much for your kind words and support, and to all of the Daily KOS audience that was patient with my verbosity. As I mentioned to several commentators, telling the story of what happened here is complex and required a lot of research to tell it right. My apologies to all of you for having aged in the process, while reading. Stay tuned for that "personal" story and experience to follow (tomorrow's posting).

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