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  •  You are totally correct (10+ / 0-)

    I believe the Hebrew is Rada, which in context means we became caretakers.  My nephew, who helped me research this, sent me a link about Rada

    •  I find this very inspiring. (4+ / 0-)

      Alone of all species, we have the capacity (increasingly) to design and shape our own future, and the Earth's future. This means that we have the chance to occupy a unique role on planet Earth. As you say, we can (and are meant to) act as caretakers over the planet, not its exploiters and destroyers.

      For all that people often like to romanticize the idea of "Nature", the truth is that the natural world can be a rather cruel and inhospitable place at times. Tsunamis, viruses, and parasitic wasps (and many other things) attest to that. If we were to use our unique intelligence and innovative capacity to help heal our planet and diminish the suffering of all living things, who knows what we could not accomplish?

      But for that to happen, we -- who like all living things are a product of evolution, which drives us to survive and reproduce at all costs -- must find some way to control our desire for consumption and greed, before it consumes us and the rest of the planet with it.

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