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View Diary: Webster shooting could be bigger argument for gun law reform than Sandy Hook (149 comments)

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  •  These two items (below) were posted 24 hours (5+ / 0-)

    ago to your earlier diary.  They also speak to the concerns of insurance companies and rates.  High insurance rates for those selling assault weapons may put a break on the availability of assault weapons.

    Undoubtedly Gander Mtn is looking at law suits; which will probably not be successful  - because 24 yo Dawn Nguyen certainly doesn't have very deep pockets.  They also sold the guns used in an earlier massacre in Binghamton, NY.

    I do agree that the Webster shooting may reverberate just as strongly as the one in Sandy Hook.  In suburban and rural areas, it is often the volunteer fire fighters who are the ones who have rifles for hunting.  This group often is called out in the middle of the night to save people and property which are in danger due to people's own stupidity and recklessness.  (We had to call on our local group to put out a field fire deliberately set by another on a bone dry Labor Day week-end, which was out of hand and threatening our home.)  They should not be in danger of being killed too.

    Incidentally, today it was cold and snowing (5" on top of 18") in the Rochester region of upstate NY.  An estimated 5,000 stood out in the cold & snow to attend a wake at the Webster High School.  Fire professionals & volunteers have filled up local hotels and restaurants. Some hotels & restaurants are offering free or reduced rates to those from out of town.

    This happened 2 years ago - (4+ / 0-)

    Might I suggest the now 24 yo Dawn is not the brightest star in the morning sky.  ?????

    The Rochester D&C is saying Spengler accompanied her to Gander Mtn, chose the guns, but she purchased them, signing that they were for her use and possession.  

    Also noted in local news is that by 8 pm on the 24th (evening of the shooting), the serial numbers had been sent to DC by the regional ATF agent, with the suicide note info also available.  Gander Mtn people had confirmed that 2 of the guns were purchased there in June 2010 by Christmas morning.  Dawn knew that the NYS police & Feds were after her before the 24th was over.  
    This brings up another aspect of guns in our society.

    Because they so loosely float about in SOME households, on TV, video games; probably some don't take them any more seriously than a clock on a mantle.

    Did this young person have any idea of what she was signing and how she had maybe been hoodwinked by a con man in the transaction?  I'm not excusing her, by any means, but I wonder if she had formed the judgement and smarts to say "no" to Spangler?  

    Parents need to educate their children in consequences and judgement.  

    We can start by educating children that guns are serious.  The NRA USED to do this.  Maybe they can get back into that mode.  

    by PinHole on Fri Dec 28, 2012 at 11:31:34 PM EST

    This isn't a single family  Mom & Pop gun shop.  It's Gander Mtn.  A major chain.

    One thing which can be done is better training of retail sales force.  It used to be sales people in grocery stores, bars, corner & Interstate highway stops could hide behind saying they didn't know when an under age person came in to buy beer or booze.  Then police started to set up traps.  

    The result was sales to minors or people already drunk went way down.  

    Bet you Gander Mtn has their legal team working right through the New Year's holiday on this mess.  Insurance companies are going to start to say "ENOUGH!"

    There is not only the families of the dead (the older man had a wife, 3 kids) but all the families which lost their homes.  

    by PinHole on Fri Dec 28, 2012 at 11:41:37 PM EST

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