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View Diary: Webster shooting could be bigger argument for gun law reform than Sandy Hook (149 comments)

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  •  On guns and booze (3+ / 0-)
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    In NJ if you buy booze for an underage person you'll be sued up the $%#. If the store sells to a minor they are sued and if you have minors at your house who get into your booze you can also be sued.
    I don't see a problem with a gun store that knowingly sells a gun to a felon being charged with manslaughter if that gun is used in a murder. If on a jury I would vote not guilty if the seller sold it to a third party - and I would vote guilty in the case of the third party.  If I were writing the law i would make it mandatory for gun sellers to inform buyers that if the gun they buy is used in a felony they can be charged as an accessory if the gun is not reported stolen- (the same law would make this true) I would also make it possible for the person robbing a gun liable even if the gun had gone through more than a few illegal hands- all also liable to a lesser degree. (Making the punishment for the actual stealing twice as harsh as transfer and getting rid of the statue of limitations would keep legal guns safer and curb illegal gun sales)

    I am not a gun owner but support the right to hunt - I believe there are responsible gun owners and would be happy if they could come up with some real solutions so they can keep their guns but keep them from killing people.

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