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  •  that's a word game, 'stray' vs 'misdirected' (3+ / 0-)
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    lyvwyr101, cybersaur, luckydog

    Perhaps in the case of a six shot revolver you might have a point, when somebody has to really really try to actually pull the trigger.  

    But a semi-automatic with how many rounds capable of firing how many bullets in how few seconds?    Your distinction of 'stray' vs 'misdirected' becomes meaningless.

    •  Gonna 'stand my ground' and maintain (11+ / 0-)

      that even bullets described as "stray" originate from the muzzle of a gun, and someone fired that gun.

      One of my neighbors where I lived several years ago died from a bullet fired by a police officer to subdue someone (not my neighbor) who apparently had threatened to hit an officer with his car after refusing to stop.  My neighbor happened to be walking nearby on the other side of the street, on a late afternoon during the holiday season.

      Happy New Year, to all.

      Similarly, several civilians in NYC recently caught bullets fired by NYPD officers to subdue a man with a knife?

      My meaning here is not to deride the officers --- just a couple examples of the danger of guns and so-called "stray" bullets taking their toll.

      If I had time I would look up a link for another tale from my old neighborhood, where a young girl (age 9?) died after two teen drug dealers swapped shots at one another --- she was a quarter mile down the street, never heard the shots --- yet another "stray" bullet took her life. It took a special investigation lasting several weeks, maybe months, to determine the (alleged) origin of the "stray" bullet. (As I recall a young man was convicted of firing the shot that caused her death and was sent to prison; some doubters questioned the strength of the evidence.)

      One of my best friends caught a "stray" bullet as a teen riding his bike down the street, minding his own business --- the bullet severed his spinal cord --- he survived, but has used a wheelchair for the last forty or so years.

      Somebody put him in that chair --- whoever fired that "stray" bullet.

      Here are some related tales:

      Gunshot injury and death by stray bullets

      I still maintain, there are no "stray" bullets; somebody pulled a trigger.

      If there is any word game going on around this, it is in my opinion the use of the term "stray" bullet by media, police or any other sources to attempt to somehow diminish the true danger of any and all gunplay.

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