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    The successful novelist E. M. Forster in his Aspect of the Novel which was compiled from a series of lectures at Oxford begins with the first element, The Story, which he believes is the the lowest or most elemental of the aspects of communication but nothing further can exist without that.  He imagines caveman sitting around a fire telling stories which is what connects them to the first imaginative acts with language, and then goes on to explain that while essential the only reaction to the story as story at that stage, would be to cheer the originator if one liked the story or kill him if one didn't.  Obviously, an attention getting tongue in cheek scenario but it does tend to engage the reader.  He then subsequently takes up the other aspects such as plot, character, setting, etc.

    One of my favorite short stories is The Other  Side of the Hedge by Forster which is universal and I think still particularly applicable to our time.  It's very short and at least a few years ago was available online.

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