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  •  IOW... (6+ / 0-)

    He wanted to fuck with the best show on TV for his ego's gratification.

    I like Samuel L. Jackson, but he seems really full of himself sometimes.

    I remember a few years ago his official website claimed he was the highest grossing actor ever, mainly by virtue of his having appeared in the "Star Wars" prequels.

    •  Over At Deadline..... (5+ / 0-)

      They have a new interview with Jackson as part of his promotion of 'Django Unchained,' where he says flat out that he should have won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role as Jules in 'Pulp Fiction,' and Martin Landau didn't deserve to win for playing Bela Lugosi in 'Ed Wood.'

      Jackson’s history with Tarantino goes back 20 years to Reservoir Dogs. He read for a role with Tarantino and producer Lawrence Bender but didn’t even realize Tarantino was the director at that time. “I thought he was just a really bad actor. I was like ‘damn, these dudes are horrible’. I look like I was overacting or they have no judgment of what’s good and what’s not,” he recalls.  He didn’t get the part but ran into Tarantino some time later at the film’s first screening at Sundance and was told the director was writing a role for him in something else. That turned out to be 'Pulp Fiction' in 1994 and the role that won Jackson his only Oscar nomination to date. He lost to Martin Landau’s Bela Lugosi in 'Ed Wood.' When I asked if he thought he should have won instead Jackson was refreshingly candid.

      “Yes I do. I really don’t know many people who can not only remember 'Ed Wood' but remember what Martin Landau did in it,” he said but added he was told it was more of a life achievement kind of award. “You know they were saying ‘Martin’s been nominated a few times and you’re going to be around for a while. Don’t worry.’ I was thinking I didn’t know it was a thing where if you get nominated for a few times you automatically get one. I thought it was supposed to be about impact.”

      •  Jackson was good in "Pulp Fiction".... (4+ / 0-)
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        Rimjob, maggiejean, jlms qkw, wader

        but I think that was more a function of the excellent writing (which rightfully won the Oscar).

        Acting-wise, Landau was better in "Ed Wood."

        •  I Have To Give Jackson This..... (4+ / 0-)
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          Trix, maggiejean, jlms qkw, wader

          He makes his roles memorable, even in shitty movies with shitty writing.

          Take for example his part in the 'Star Wars' prequels. Like the prequels themselves, his part is not written well at all, and if it was any other actor I don't think anyone would remember it at all. I think that's true for his parts in movies like 'Deep Blue Sea' or 'Unbreakable' too.

          And I remember him from movies even before he hit it "big." He was great in 'Jungle Fever' as the crackhead brother of the main character.

          •  Well, that's part of the problem, IMO... (4+ / 0-)
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            Rimjob, maggiejean, jlms qkw, wader

            And, I suspect, part of the reason why the producers of "Breaking Bad" wouldn't let him appear in a scene.

            He's always "Samuel L. Jackson as..."

            •  amos and andrew seemed quite natural him (1+ / 0-)
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              with nick cage and
              possibly some of Sam L's personna hype and screen personna inadvertently perpetuated as projects cliche along bankable paths.

              i(my)ow: I think he's a fine powerful actor and not near alone in pro narcissism of that industry. as difficult it is to wield a self in that career, i'm forgiving of what I can tolerate to achieve performance.

              dense, hunh?

              we should ask how he feels re whales

              also ask if he noticed travolta, plummer, roth, rhames, thurman, etc

              clime parches on. terms: ocean rise, weather re-patterning, storm pathology, drout-famine, acceptance of nature.

              by renzo capetti on Sun Dec 30, 2012 at 11:28:24 PM PST

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