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  •  One day I was riding around the county... (11+ / 0-)

    with my brother. He pointed out a house where someone he used to know lived and died. This person, my brother said, seemed to be well respected around the county, but he couldn't understand why. He never did amount to anything. That small farm was all he ever owned.
       I too own a small farm and have no ambition to add to my holdings, but my brother didn't seem to recognize the inference in his comment that I also don't amount to anything.
        I remember this incident, not because it hurt my feelings to realize my brother probably thinks I don't amount to anything, but because of the sadness I felt learning that my brother must measure his own self worth by the property he has accumulated.
       In some of the ramblings on the right after this election, I believe I caught a hint from the defeated that they felt many of Obama's voters don't amount to anything and therefore shouldn't be voting.
       I think Ray is on to a good line of thinking. We each need to examine how we value ourselves as human beings, and shouldn't let our self worth be influenced by the ad agents of plutocracy.  


    •  Your brother (3+ / 0-)

      only saw what that man "owned", and not what he DID.

      A line of grain to mark the bounds
      A flock of geese to eat it.
      Golden Alexander wept.
      "Though all the world falls to my hand,
          yet nothing will be left."
      "Fear not," his friend replied.
      "Our legacy lies not in what we grasp,
         but what we give away."
      And a hundred wild geese wheeled, winging for the sun.

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