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    But it's become more and more scientific in the last few decades. Also, it started happening as more and more newspapers/tv stations fell or got bought by big corporations.

    Fortunately, this monopoly on all information outlets got rather stymied when the internet came about. This is why "they" are trying like hell to regulate it.

    The Obama campaign would also teach us a few lessons about getting the information out there. As can the OWS movement and all the .org's out there that have helped change happen.

    The answer and antidote is going to be many-pronged and I am actually hopeful.

    1) One-on-one conversions (done by email or in person or in chat rooms, etc.) This is how Obama did it. It's a numbers game that eventually pays off when you hit the critical mass point. Avoid the lemmings, start with smart people who are saying dumb things but who mean well.
    2) People need to have more than one source of information. This was our Founding Fathers' fix for fighting propaganda. This is why the internet is so important and why we must fight against its regulation.
    3) Those of us who fight this must learn how to communicate and message more effectively. We must gather and store our facts and never try to lie or exaggerate. Trust that the truth resonates in its own time and purveying it as far and wide as possible is the most important task.

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