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  •  After reading about the FBI files, (2+ / 0-)
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    I believe that it was a very good thing that there were no real identifiable leaders of the Occupy Movement. It is shocking that our own government had contingency plans to assassinate the leaders of Occupy!  I do not believe that anyone in the Occupy movement had considered that possibility, but IMHO, those who were behind the birth of Occupy understood that if there were identifiable leaders, it would be much easier for the powers that be to stop the movement by arresting and jailing the leaders.  

    I consistently find that those who criticize Occupy fail to understand that it was not a "political" movement in the traditional sense, but it is a social movement.  Occupy may not be as visible now as it was a year ago, but its impact is still with us.  Occupy became the starting point for making people more conscious of little say we have in the decisions that affect each of us on a daily basis. Occupy served to make people aware of the real issue of corporate power in the US.  Education and awareness leads to power for the people as we saw in the recent election.  And that is probably the single greatest gift of the Occupy movement to date.

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    by gulfgal98 on Sun Dec 30, 2012 at 09:21:05 AM PST

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