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  •  Good diary, Ray. Some related ideas... (3+ / 0-)

    1. Glorification of social darwinism as part of a divide and conquer strategy. The inevitable fight for limited resources mixed with man's natural greed leads to some amount of social darwinism. However, it is only in the last ten or so years that social darwinism has come to be praised in our culture at every turn. People used to be ashamed of being selfish assholes. Compassion was seen as a good thing to the extent that it would even be faked by those who didn't have it. But we are passed that now. Religion has fostered this too with the new prosperity teachings primarily in the mega-churches - Rick Warren, TD Jakes, Joel Osteen. If you have much, you are blessed, no matter how you got it. Rich as a virtue on its own and poor as a vice or a sin. Eventually, even the poor identify with the rich and support their goals, while suppressing their own - which is the very point of the propaganda.

    We have also seen the plainness of what Neil Barofsky called the dilemma of the lead or the gold. If you fight the 1%, or even just property at a local level, you will be punished - you will get the "lead" (bullets or tear gas, tasers, etc.) If you support the 1% without question you will get the "gold". Witness Limbaugh or Hannity. It is clear from watching a day's worth of media that there is nothing that is too far rightward, no opinion, nothing that can be said. These opinions are seen as supporting corporations, money, authoritarianism, and the powers that be. These people aren't punished but are lavished with money. Conversely, there is a wall somewhere around the moderate left that must not be passed if you want to stay on TV or keep a job in the mainstream media. Olbermann, Rather, Cenk, and Helen Thomas have all found that out. Rachel's drift to the center is another result of that IMO. Leftists are not invited, their arguments not part of the national discussion, and moderate lefties better watch their step if they get their foot in the door at all.

    This all goes with glorification of war, its "heroes", and the sort of religion-ifcation of the military. Questioning them or their purposes in any way is near treason. And will get you expelled from the media class. The media is a tool of the elite and they certainly know where their bread is buttered. The best and the brightest need not apply.

    2. Humans need for inclusiveness is constantly used against them. Religion does this. The two conservative political parties do this. Communities do this. The whole Faux News Nation does this. To be one of us, you must be like us. You must follow our lead. Or face being ostracized, a fate worse than death for many. It leads to self-censorship usually at a subconscious level that the person doesn't even realize.

    Heaven forbid if you are the "other", the one that must be hated, the one left out in the cold.

    3. That which is deemed radical and far left is virtually never discussed in the propaganda media except to dismiss it or name-call it. Those who would form the meat and potatoes of a grassroots labor movement don't self-identify with labor, don't want to be "radicals", don't want to rock the boat, lose their jobs, get thrown in jail. You have the carrot of "you might keep your job" versus the stick of ostracism, jail, etc. And in today's America, virtually no one will support you or feel sorry for you if you are destroyed by the viper of the bipartisan national security state. You probably had it coming, goes the thinking. Or, better you than me.

    The threats against radicalization and rebellion are real. Smart people are scared of it and for good reason. Courage is rare and in many situations suicidal.

    This is related, the elevation of lies and suppression of the truth. Valuing myth over science, made up televised and filmed stories over real life, made up desires over real ones. Propaganda - it is winning for sure. We might even say it has won.

    •  David, you described the current situation (2+ / 0-)

      brilliantly.  I especially been thinking about the issue of the need for people to be socially accepted, to be "included" in the in-crowd.   I also understand the threats, many of them subconscious, when it comes to people's need to be gainfully employed in order to survive and thrive.

      I will address this topic in my next diary, and will borrow from you post.   Thank you so much for your contribution to the discussion.

      •  asdf (3+ / 0-)

        No problem, thanks. Feel free to use whatever. I don't write many diaries around here, I don't think they would be well received. But having read many of your diaries, I think we kind of think alike on a number of issues. Except I think you are more hopeful, probably still think peaceful, positive change is possible on a large scale. I don't think it is. I have no faith in my fellow man. He is not courageous. He is not good. He is not smart. He is not original. He is easily manipulated by dark forces with bad intentions, but contemptuous, spiteful, and hardly moved by truly, righteous ones. And I cannot change him.

        I don't believe peaceful revolution is possible. And I don't advocate violent revolution for many reasons, primarily because I think it would be a disaster and make things even worse. Naked self-preservation is also pretty high on the list.

        There are more bad people than good. The ones who are armed, skilled in violence, and want to take over are the worst amongst us, but the very ones who stand the greatest chance of success in a breakdown/revolutionary situation. Of course, most of them are already part of the current security/power apparatus.

        The peaceniks are right. They have always been right. But they will never win because we live in a bad world. Violence must be met with greater violence. Power with greater power, to be defeated. Our side does not have power, would not know how to use it if it did, and would not want to use it if it did. Quite the predicament.

        Anyway, take care.

        •  Once again, brilliant analysis. I pretty much (2+ / 0-)

          agree with you views, and it's not necessarily that I think change can be brought about by peaceful means only.

          I think that "man" is afflicted by all that mention because of ignorance, more than anything else.

          My approach is that if somehow enough people are "informed" and "alerted" about the actual state of affairs, that once they "awaken" they will do the right thing.

          At that point there events will lead where they may, based on what's necessary.

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