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View Diary: Willie Brown Style: Could Dems Elect a Civic-Minded, Ambitious, Less-Extreme Republican as Speaker? (53 comments)

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  •  Yeah -- that was the argument that I decided to (2+ / 0-)

    leave out of this: "nominate Bachmann."  I think that it's too clever by half.  Unlike getting a moron like Todd Akin nominated in a Senate race, this is a moment where the public either wants us to act responsibly or will later be convinced that it wanted us to act responsibly at the time.  I'd play it straight.  If we wanted to nominate someone for pure symbolic value, it should be Bill Young.

    Isn't it just a straight majority vote (even on the first ballot)?  If not, then you have a good point.  If so, then if Boehner has the majority of votes, then he has the votes.  Voting for Gohmert or Pelosi counts the same so long as it's in the minority.

    One other strategy, that would be just for show, is to have each of the 201 Dems nominate a different Republican -- to drive home the these of individual responsibility.  But I haven't thought that one through (obviously.)

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    by Seneca Doane on Sun Dec 30, 2012 at 10:13:53 AM PST

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