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View Diary: My childhood best friend, David, died of AIDS (160 comments)

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    I am sorry sorry for the loss of your friend, bjm.

    This reminds of a day some years ago when I noticed the name of a friend of mine from high school on the obituary page.  Eddie had graduated summa cum laude from Furman University with, IIRC, a double major in English lit and chemistry, was a Phi Beta Kappa, and had graduated from the University of Southern California Medical School.  It was as if his life just stopped after his graduation from med school.  There was no information about residencies or fellowships or what he might have specialized in and definitely no information about any family he might have had in Silverlake. The family in South Carolina wanted their privacy respected.  I knew then that Eddie had died of AIDS.

    A short time later, I went with some friends from our local MCC congregation to see the AIDS Memorial Quilt on the National Mall. Several people were taking panels for their late partners.  It turned out that one of the panels was for a friend of Eddie's from high school.  They were not out to each other during their high school years, but were later on.  I felt bad that Eddie did not have a panel, too.  I wonder if I could pay sufficient tribute to him to make him a panel.

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