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  •  OWS has a lot in common with pro-gun people (11+ / 0-)

    No, not in actual weapons or plans to use them, but in their absurdly self-absorbed psychodrama. Second Amendment freaks have the silly belief that they are boldly standing in the way of government tyranny instead of being a bunch of suburban nobodies who basically don't matter. The OWS freaks have the same silly belief. And because they grossly overestimate their importance by several orders of magnitude, they have to compensate for the lack of serious opposition by inventing convoluted conspiracy theories to explain why the opposition is invisible.

    A perfect example, both in another diary and in a comment higher up in this one, is taking the FBI's investigation of potential sniper attacks against OWS and twisting it into an FBI plan to launch sniper attacks against OWS. Jesus fucking Christ, I loathe and distrust the FBI myself, but even if they were planning to engage in a terror campaign, they wouldn't calmly release the documentation of it to the public. Sheesh.

    OWS has done some good work, and they have been effective in drawing attention to our growing financial oligarchy. But they've also been a huge public nuisance, and they've engaged in a transparently cynical pissing contest with the notoriously thuggish police departments of several large cities to create drama. To judge from a non-insane reading of the FBI reports, federal law enforcement sure seems to be a lot more concerned with preventing violence, both from OWS and the usual anarchist opportunists who latch on to protests, and against them.

    It's not that there are no conspiracies here. It's just that they're operating in plain sight between the Federal Reserve, Congress, and Wall Street. The FBI is just doing its job, and doing it in a fairly perfunctory way, as one might expect from an agency that has vastly more important things to attend to than yet another round of narcissistic young people holding marginally coherent protests in public parks.

    And the bright side of the downward thermodynamic spiral is, um...

    by eodell on Sun Dec 30, 2012 at 10:56:53 AM PST

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