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  •  I would add from my experience (12+ / 0-)

    A dark bath sized towel.  I can't sleep with a bunch of light and a mask was to hard to get off with the IV's and other stuff.  But rolling up a dark bath towel with an end near my hand has allowed me to block out the light AND get it off my eyes quickly.  Then a friend sewed a matching washcloth to my two towels that I keep in my hospital "Go Bag", in each pocket is a big piece of Velcro that I attach a semi-hard glasses case with it's Velcro back.  This keeps my glasses [I'm blind without them] on my "light towel".

    Additional info -- I keep a copy of my important phone #'s, drug info, allergies, and contact info inside my glasses case and everything including the towels are tagged with my name, age and an email address.

    Personal quirk my 'sleep towels' are Forest green and Navy.  Not any sort of colors found in a hospital and against sheets, blankets and other hospital issued stuff they stand out.

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