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  •  Possibly a rehab place... (5+ / 0-)

    There are two where I live, and the ortho wouldn't let me be home alone after I had knee replacement surgery (I am single, don't live with anyone), so I had to check in one of those rehab places.  Half of each facility has assisted living apartments for senior citizens who can mostly sort of be on their own but need help for certain things, the other half was for rehab patients who had had various surgeries: knee replacement, hip replacement, and the like, and down a couple of halls was a therapy room to practice walking or doing rehab exercises to have muscles get used to the new hardware.  [I detested one of the rehab people because she was a religious freak.  UGH!  My regular rehab person was nice, and she just discovered she was preggers with the third child while I was there.]

    After two weeks I was ready to climb the walls.  No lock on the door (I get that because med emergencies probably happen)..., BUT there was a senile old woman who roamed the halls talking to herself - she never went in the rooms, but still... it creeped me out and I had awful insomnia and rarely slept well, just cat-napped.

    The BEST thing I can say for the local hospital and each of the two rehab/nursing places is that each has free WiFi.  Without internet contact to the outside world from the laptop I brought with me, I'd have gone stark raving mad (emailing brother and relatives and friends - there was no phone in my rehab room!).

    The way the surgery schedule worked out, surgery was on a Friday, I was the only patient in the ortho wing when I had my knee replacement surgery, it was close to the nurse's station, so I got lots of attention whenever I rang.  The nursing and rehab staff who came daily were great, actually.  I did have one glitch.  Without underwear, I asked for something to wear for when I had to lift my leg off the chair for rehab exercises, and whatever was in that papery pair of underpants I was allergic to.  I don't recall they ever said what it was, but OMFG, the itching on every part of skin surface it had touched was unbearable and while I could get my belly and privates, I had to ask for nursing staff to wash my butt off with soap and water instead of that chemically-treated wash stuff in a packet and they applied a cream or lotion of some kind, but all they had was some crappy aloe + lotion in a tube which did very little toward relieving the itch, but it felt sort of soothing.  Ugh.  Just thinking about it makes me feel like I'm breaking out in that same instant rash.

    The food was lousy at both places.  I don't know how they can ruin perfectly good food, but they do.  I have a long list of allergies (which I told them about), but they almost always managed to send something I couldn't or wouldn't eat because it smelled like garbage.  At both the hospital and rehab the head of the kitchens came to talk with me to see if they could send me something palatable, but dried potatoes with chemicals added and boiled meat that's been barely fried to try to fool me to get me to eat a pork chop I knew had been boiled or steamed was NOT how to get me to eat something.  I ended up eating a lot of fruits and puddings and oatmeal.  At the rehab place I twice called for pizza to be delivered.

    Bathing was not private at the rehab facility.  THAT got to me.  There was a huge room with various types of bathing facilities for wheelchair people, walking people, those who had to be put in slings and lowered into a tub, etc.  Gaaaaaaaaag!  I had to have my leg wrapped in clear plastic wrap to protect the incision part and use a wheelie chair (it had a bathroom seat for what was, I suppose, a way to wash people who couldn't manage to even wash their privates).  I have soap issues, so I had brought my own soap and shampoo and new washing sponge which I had in a clear plastic cosmetics case and my toothbrush and toothpaste were in there, too, in a separate plastic bag.

    I think there's a hospice place in town, too..., but it's not at the rehab and assisted living facilities.

    You might want to call each place where you live and see what they offer for patients.  Maybe someone is using the word 'hospice' in the old fashioned sense, as a place to rest and recuperate.

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