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  •  Completely unnecessary... (1+ / 0-)
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    In fact, President Obama put chained CPI Social Security benefit cuts on the table, in a move that was completely unnecessary...
    Wow, it's impossible to please those durned Republicans, I guess!

    Obviously, chained CPI isn't dear to their hearts.  But we keep offering it to them.  Maybe it's not really an offer.  Maybe it's more like a Democratic-centrist demand.  Maybe the Pete Peterson Democrats are puzzled that the Republicans don't want what they want.  Maybe they figure, gosh, we need to sweeten the deal to get the Republicans to take it next time!  Maybe, lower taxes on the rich but ONLY if it includes chained CPI!  

    Or they could tie chained CPI to banning abortion or reinstituting slavery, something that would have more appeal to Republicans, so that they would take it.  

    There must be SOME WAY for Democrats to make chained-CPI appealing to Republicans!  Maybe if they rolled it in doggie treats like a pill from the vet.

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