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View Diary: Silencers: The NRA's Latest Big Lie (38 comments)

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  •  well- (0+ / 0-)

    Feinstein's proposal is full of holes, won't pass in any shape or form as proposed, and no one is addressing the problem in a way that provides incentives to 'big money.'
    do that, and things will happen.

    are they using silencers as distraction fr the core issue? probably. you are probably point on.

    thanks for post

    •  Well, it's not so much a "they". (0+ / 0-)

      Since I'd include myself in the larger group of pro-gun-rights people, if not the NRA proper.

      I'm here mostly because I'm curious... I can't say that I'm impressed with most people here. It seems to all be hysterical jibber-jabber and confiscatory fantasy.

      I certainly hope the gun control people in Washington as as nutsy as the typical DKer, if so, we may manage to defeat any new legislation, or even to relax currently existing legislation.

      •  thanks for your candor (2+ / 0-)
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        subtropolis, historys mysteries

        i've been anti-gun for a while now- esp after living in asia for a bit.
        i was hurt deeply about the loss of those children- but i have 5 sons so go figure.

        there's a lot of preaching to the choir on kos- but i find a lot of info and entertainment as well.

        the only.. only way to address gun issues regards money and incentive- the big players have to see advantage-
        people can talk magazines and 2nd amendment and be right.. or wrong- it doesn't matter- but make it sellable to the big money guys- and they'll be happy to make things happen-


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