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    safer on the hearing...

    Even countries with very restrictive firearms laws make noise suppressors easy to get.  Many if not most European countries allow suppressors and many recommend them to protect both the shooter and neighbors from the loud noise.  In New Zealand a suppressor is expected.

    From what this diary is, I cant really tell what they think the problem is.  In any high power rifle the projectile is supersonic and much of the sound comes from the sonic boom off the projectile.  Suppressors just soften the muzzle blast reducing the noise.  Only with special subsonic rounds in most calibers is any major silencing accomplished and they are not common at all except in .22 rimfire.....a round which is amazingly loud at standard velocity in a pistol.....

    To treat suppressors like machine guns which is current law is kind of silly when you really look at it. They are a safety device like ear plugs or shooting glasses only they protect everyone around not just the shooter.  In many areas where neighborhoods have moved right up next to shooting ranges, the owners of the houses would love the people at the range to use suppressors.

    For a crook, they double at least the length of a pistol making it much harder to hide and as such even though very easy to make, they arent used by crooks except in spy movies...

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    by buddabelly on Sun Dec 30, 2012 at 09:09:03 PM PST

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